New Things!

Ponies and Gingerbread Houses

Welcome to the herd as they say.


I’m gonna practice a whole bunch more! XD


Here are the set designes I did for Hansel and Gretel:
Outside Hansel and Gretel's House Inside Hansel and Gretel's House Outside Witch's House Inside Witch's House

I drew them in Illustrator, to get the prospective/sizes right, then projected them on to the board and then painted. I had a lot of fun!

New and Fixed

Two new shots added to my Gallery. Their color is most enjoyable. :)

Seeping Bolt

I also realized that I was missing a good 20 photos from my Gallery, that has been fixed.

Lovely shade of green…

So I was out at our site my company was building, taking photos, when I spy the most lovely color dripping with the rain. I was drawn to it, taking a dozen photos.

Stepping back to reality and look at what I am so enraptures with…it’s a Power Generator by Cummins…Oy. I feel like Mrs. Potter (must see movie) and her swill bucket.


Don’t judge me. ;_;

It’s almost there!

I got to the point where there were no YouTube vids to distract me! *sleeves rolled up* I GOT MY PORTFOLIO UP! Woo! Look look look over to the left! See shiny *_*.

Anyway, please take advantage of the “FS” or full screen mode, and take a gander. Double-click and it will make it bigger, double-click again to make it go back. I am not sure when I will get descriptions…Click the “i” in the upper right to get info, but there might not be anything there.

I will do something with the “Portfolio” page at some point, but for now, text will do!

It’s really late >.> I’m off to bed!

Got it!

I love that moment when you hit the refresh button and it just…WORKS! I had many of those moments while fiddling with this theme. It was red, *shudder* I dislike red. But red can easily be changed to purple!

-This- btw is the theme and I am stickin’ to it! :D

Now I just need to NOT be addicted to WoW for like an hour so I can work on my site. It will happen. Maybe I should just have a link to a portfolio you can download in the mean time >.>

<— This purple btw is awesome.


Updated a Few Pages

“About Me” and “Contact” are updated.

I like how I can post things on the fly with out needed to re upload the website every…time… OY!

But, now is the difficult task of uploading all of my stuff, naming it, and then figuring out how I want to organize it.

This is a long road, but the outcome will be well worth it!