Coding is like a Spoiled Child

Well I find myself again, pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to make certain code to work.

And really my issue is with inheritance of CSS. I had a <header> with an <img> then a <p>, and then 3 more <img>s. I had them all in the same selector. I wanted the first <img> to be to the left, the <p> next to it, then the other 3 <img>s to the right. Easy? No. The 3 <img>s where inheriting the style from the first <img>, and no matter WHAT I did it wouldn’t stop.

I FINALLY on a whim was like, lets put these 3 <img>s into there own <div> under the <header>. BOOM. MAGIC.  I only figured this out after putting it away for a while. I dislike stopping when I am in a grove; I just like to get things done when I am working on them. So here are some sites I have been working on:

Also I finally picked up a small sketchbook and I am gonna MAKE myself draw in it at least once a day. I need, need, need, to get back into the habit of drawing. I use to fill up a sketchbook at least once a month, and since I started working I lost that habit. I have lost so much quality and detail. One of these days I need to take some sort of anatomy class or something. But anyway here she is:

Simple Sketch 7-28-14
Simple Sketch

Back to school!

So I have made the decision to go back to school for web design. So super exciting! In two years I will have an Associates in web design, since my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design did not touch Web Design, and ever since I left all I seem to be doing is web stuff. (That is a terrible sentence…)

I will put up sites and projects when I get them done. Also because I am back in school I am sure I will be drawing a lot more so I will post those as well!

I am already doodling…



Adamar is my new laptop so he might show up a lot. He is my new baby <3 <3.

Ponies and Gingerbread Houses

Welcome to the herd as they say.


I’m gonna practice a whole bunch more! XD


Here are the set designes I did for Hansel and Gretel:
Outside Hansel and Gretel's House Inside Hansel and Gretel's House Outside Witch's House Inside Witch's House

I drew them in Illustrator, to get the prospective/sizes right, then projected them on to the board and then painted. I had a lot of fun!