New Things!

Ok, So I think I found a theme…

So I think I like this theme, but since I am out of town I can’t really fix it visually.

Only thing that really bothers me is I can’t remove the “links” and “meta” widgets on the front page… hummm. Oh the dangers of not knowing very much.

I’m gonna keep looking for themes, and keep playing with gallery plugins.

Things are going… slow…

So its taking some time to learn this new system since I am use to Joomla. I am sure that once I do you will be seeing lots of updates of things that were on the site before.

Some things I need is:

  • Time
  • A photo gallery plug in
  • Reading up

See, I don’t understand the hierarchy yet… once I do I think posts will be FLYING up! :D

Anyway. Wish me luck.

…I am not sure I like this theme yet…. :-/