Big Update

Fall term I am happily taking a drawing class, and here is a gallery of Unit 1 and Unit 2:

[Re-posted from FaceBook] I am feeling my “artist brain” coming back to me, ever so slowly. Like a long lost friend that I was really close to but due to circumstances I had to part. Sure we talked once and a while but it wasn’t the same.

But now we are together again, and communication is hard, but there are moments of how it use to be, and something strangely new wrapped up into it all.

I feel myself drifting back into this place that I use to visit, zone out and stare at something seemingly banal but then it lights on fire and explodes with content and purpose. I come to, shaken by someone needing my attention, and realize I had been staring at the legs of an out door table.

I am excited that I am experiencing this. I still have the moments of depression were I feel like there is no point it putting pencil to paper, but then I do, force myself, go go past this invisible wall of doubt/fear/pain and joy fills me.