Taking a WordPress Class this Term


I finally am taking a WordPress class this term at PCC and I can’t be more excited! I will be making a LOT of back end changes to my site, maybe some front end we shall see. I am trying to get my SEO back up to snuff. Unfortunate when you Google my name I am no longer #1, which is sad :(.

Anyway I am learning a TON of new stuff and I cannot wait to implement it on my site.


Drastic WordPress Overhaul

So I had a good chat with my older brother about my website and helped me to realize that the previous version was not achieving what it needed to. Like it wasn’t actually showing my art; I was focusing TO much on functionality (some times a fault for me) and not the design. I sometimes need a good kick in the right hemisphere of my brain. So here it is.

I am actually much more happy with it because it matches my biz card. Anyway, enjoy :)