New Things!

Big Update

Fall term I am happily taking a drawing class, and here is a gallery of Unit 1 and Unit 2:

[Re-posted from FaceBook] I am feeling my “artist brain” coming back to me, ever so slowly. Like a long lost friend that I was really close to but due to circumstances I had to part. Sure we talked once and a while but it wasn’t the same.

But now we are together again, and communication is hard, but there are moments of how it use to be, and something strangely new wrapped up into it all.

I feel myself drifting back into this place that I use to visit, zone out and stare at something seemingly banal but then it lights on fire and explodes with content and purpose. I come to, shaken by someone needing my attention, and realize I had been staring at the legs of an out door table.

I am excited that I am experiencing this. I still have the moments of depression were I feel like there is no point it putting pencil to paper, but then I do, force myself, go go past this invisible wall of doubt/fear/pain and joy fills me.

Taking a WordPress Class this Term


I finally am taking a WordPress class this term at PCC and I can’t be more excited! I will be making a LOT of back end changes to my site, maybe some front end we shall see. I am trying to get my SEO back up to snuff. Unfortunate when you Google my name I am no longer #1, which is sad :(.

Anyway I am learning a TON of new stuff and I cannot wait to implement it on my site.


Coding is like a Spoiled Child

Well I find myself again, pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to make certain code to work.

And really my issue is with inheritance of CSS. I had a <header> with an <img> then a <p>, and then 3 more <img>s. I had them all in the same selector. I wanted the first <img> to be to the left, the <p> next to it, then the other 3 <img>s to the right. Easy? No. The 3 <img>s where inheriting the style from the first <img>, and no matter WHAT I did it wouldn’t stop.

I FINALLY on a whim was like, lets put these 3 <img>s into there own <div> under the <header>. BOOM. MAGIC.  I only figured this out after putting it away for a while. I dislike stopping when I am in a grove; I just like to get things done when I am working on them. So here are some sites I have been working on:

Also I finally picked up a small sketchbook and I am gonna MAKE myself draw in it at least once a day. I need, need, need, to get back into the habit of drawing. I use to fill up a sketchbook at least once a month, and since I started working I lost that habit. I have lost so much quality and detail. One of these days I need to take some sort of anatomy class or something. But anyway here she is:

Simple Sketch 7-28-14
Simple Sketch


Wow, just wow. Learning HTML and CSS is amazing.

When I was going to college the first time around, I loved math because of the instant gratification it gave me when I completed a problem. HTML/CSS has become my math! I am so excited.

I got home today and I was almost emotionally exhausted because I feel like I am using a part of my brain that is out of practice so to speak.

I am learning so much, and things are just flowing so nicely. I am ready to build awesome websites!

Here are a few snapshots of the types of things I am building now. It is all pretty basic but I can only get better!!

Again, really basic stuff, and some of it is pretty silly! I am having SO much fun!

Till next time!

Back to school!

So I have made the decision to go back to school for web design. So super exciting! In two years I will have an Associates in web design, since my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design did not touch Web Design, and ever since I left all I seem to be doing is web stuff. (That is a terrible sentence…)

I will put up sites and projects when I get them done. Also because I am back in school I am sure I will be drawing a lot more so I will post those as well!

I am already doodling…



Adamar is my new laptop so he might show up a lot. He is my new baby <3 <3.

Recently Updated

I wasn’t really meaning to work on my site today. I knew it needed to be done. I think it happened because I got onto a website updating tangent and then I started fixing errors, and, well four hours later my portfolio was updated.

Well it’s done in any case. I am pretty picky and kind of a perfectionist and I am not sure if I am ok with the “My Works” page, but there it is. Maybe down the road I will figure out what I really want to do with it.

I have a few projects that I need to finish, other that that the site should be current with my recent works.


Moving on

Well, I no longer work at ORCCA, which is sad, but you have to move on to bigger and better things at some point. I worked there since 2006 and accomplished a lot.

Anyway, I am currently volunteering, while looking for a job, at a dentist. It has been a lot of fun changing my environment. I have been busy updating their forms, updating their website, and setting up a Facebook page for them. When I am not doing those things I am helping out as another hand around the office.

Wish me luck in finding a permanent place in a work force!


Drastic WordPress Overhaul

So I had a good chat with my older brother about my website and helped me to realize that the previous version was not achieving what it needed to. Like it wasn’t actually showing my art; I was focusing TO much on functionality (some times a fault for me) and not the design. I sometimes need a good kick in the right hemisphere of my brain. So here it is.

I am actually much more happy with it because it matches my biz card. Anyway, enjoy :)